The Life of a Professional Swimmer

professional swimmer lifeBeing a professional swimmer is a unique calling. Those who make a career for themselves in professional swimming were usually drawn to the water at an early age, and have spent a lifetime honing their aquatic skills. Professional swimming has a great many rewards and an equal number of hardships, like all athletic professions, and those who compete are driven to pursue the lifestyle that professional swimming demands. Pro swimmers can expect a lifetime of dedication, glory and hardships to come their way.

Professional swimmers have a remarkable amount of dedication to their sport. The practice and competition schedule can be gruelling, with training and meets back to back, several times a day. The practice involves speed training, technique in the water and diving practice. Professional swimmers even regulate the amount of body hair they have to give them less resistence in the water. The level of dedication expected in order to remain competitive is very high.

The inspiration for the dedication to the sport is the glory of being acknowledged as the best. Professional swimmers, on average, do not make impressive salaries unless they gain some level of celebrity and endorsements. The glory is the key motivating factor. Achieving medals, awards and athletic acclaim in swim competitions is what every professional swimmer strives for when they are in the water.

However, a lifetime of professional swimming certainly comes with its challenges as well. The pressure to perform well from coaches and sponsors can overwhelm any professional athlete. Stress and anxiety is very common in the world of professional sports, and it is very common for athletes to try to self-medicate with illegal drugs, prescription drugs or alcohol. Addiction and substance abuse problems are not unlikely among professional swimmers. They also frequently face health problems, such as swimmers ear, and can come away from their professional run with damaged ear drums and hearing loss. Devoting one’s self to professional swimming is not for the faint of heart.